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There are three main ways to get a vintage guitar valuation, this page ways up some of the factors in favour and against each method

Buy a book - cheap, but not free

The simplest method, is to buy the book of values. See our page on vintage guitar values. Probably the simplest method, especially if you don't want to spend time researching vintage guitars. A small amount of knowledge of the guitar in question is required - read our article on vintage guitar condition, and it's effect on value

Let the market decide - FREE! FREE! FREE!

This method goes back to the idea that an items worth is the amount you can get somebody to pay for it. And this is where ebay comes in. Vintage guitar dealers regularly list vintage guitars way above their actual value, then invite bids, often selling significantly lower than the price advertised. Likewise other sellers start at $1 and let the bidding continue until a final value is reached. Clearly the final sale price closely reflects the guitars value. Luckily ebay provides these values; an excellent tool for finding free vintage guitar prices online. Check the completed guitar listings on ebay. Prices in red did not sell - clearly listed above their actual values - prices in green did sell. Type an extra search term in to filter the results. Most not-too-rare vintage guitars will be listed, and a ballpark figure gleaned. The more often you check this page, the more accurate a value can be determined. One thing to bear in mind in valuing a vintage guitar is it's condition; any comparison between a guitar sold for a specific price and your own must consider this - read our article on vintage guitar condition, and it's effect on value

Get an appraisal - can be expensive

Unless you have a 1950s Les Paul, or other seriously valuable instrument, finding an appraiser and paying for an appraisal is perhaps not worth the effort. They usually require an examination in person, that can take sometime. Fine if you live in a big city with a vintage guitar dealer. Not so easy otherwise. Ballpark values for most vintage guitars can be found quite easily using the two methods above. If, of course, you need a certificate for insurance purposes etc you may have no other choice. If you know absolutely nothing about guitars at all and have no time to learn, this may also be the best option for you. Sometimes you can get an unofficial appraisal by just sending pictures to a vintage guitar website, although many websites ban this for all but supporting members. The members of this vintage guitar forum do sometimes give free (but approximate) valuations for American and some European vintage guitars if sufficient images are provided.

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