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Vintage guitar values - condition is paramount

Collectors care about condition. Not just whether a guitar works or whether it looks clean. If the original finish has been replaced, or the guitar has had repairs (which may not be apparent to the untrained eye, especially if you don't know where to look) or has any missing or exchanged parts or electronics (again not always obvious) the guitar goes down in value.

New old stock

The only really mint guitars out there are the new old stock or NOS guitars out there. Ones that never sold first time round; usually complete with hang tags, warranty cards, case and outer shipping box. These guitars, when they come up, are priced way above the typical values of these guitars. Most likely sold to long-term vintage guitar investors with no interest in playing the instrument.

Playwear only

But the fact is, guitars are meant to be played. And most have been and most are still every bit as playable as the day they were made. Theres nothing wrong with a well-loved guitar, fully functioning and all original, but with some minor play-wear; the small dings associated with general use. Weather checking maybe even adds a certain something.

But as the dings get greater in frequency and size, parts are lost, and maybe even a structural repair has been carried out, so the value decreases. But these guitars, especially if we are considering something with a small production run are still desireable, to players and collectors alike.

Best guitar repair and maintenance book

Guitar player repair guide - Dan Erlewine

Title: The Guitar Player Repair Guide - 3rd edition

Price: $21.77

Author: Dan Erlewine

What we think: If you play guitar you should own this book. There is so much information - but most importantly the step by step instructions on performing a guitar set-up; setting action, intonation and correct stringing. Lots of simple jobs that anyone can do, but really make a difference to your playing.

Publishers notes: This expanded edition for beginners to experts is a step-by-step manual to maintaining and repairing electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Players learn how to set up a guitar and keep it in top form by mastering basic maintenance...

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A players guitar

Some guitars of yesteryear are superb playing instruments, made from the fine, resonant pieces of tropical hardwood now impossible to get from the worlds rainforests. Whatever customisations are done to these instruments - refinishes, new components, extra pickup routes and so on - will not stop this guitar having a certain intrinsic value as a fine musical instrument.


Finally, some guitars are so poor sounding, badly made, and even a hinderance to play, that they will never even be worth fixing. These are no longer functioning musical instruments.

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